Age of Defense 4 can become addictive in just a few minutes.

Age of Defense 4

You will have to create your own army and destroy an enemy base before he destroys yours. This is a fairly fast paced game and as soon as you begin the first level you have to start clicking on the top bar and create few cavemen warriors. They will automatically walk towards the right side of the screen and you can follow them along with your mouse pointer or by pressing the A and D keys. In just a few seconds, they will meet their enemies and the battle will be fought on the spot. The more troops you create, the easier it will be for your army to advance and penetrate the enemy base. Once you do this, you will receive a few points, which you can use for purchasing upgrades and other types of soldiers. In the next level of Age of Defense 4, you will have the power to create stronger troops and if you continue playing until the end, your army will evolve to present day standards and beyond. However, keep in mind that the enemy army will also advance and they will be more and more powerful, so use your upgrades carefully. This is a very fun and addictive game and you will surely play it for hours.